We use the finest quality products from the best vendors and manufactures around.

What you can expect from us:
We keep our customers informed of progress and scheduling throughout the entire process. Our
employees are knowledgeable about the products we use & up to date on proper installation techniques.
We do try to stay on schedule, but delays can happen. Weather and manufacturing defects can be an
issue for installation and can also affect completion dates. As mentioned above, we guarantee warranty
& service work on every job after completion. In order to accommodate post installation service, we try
our best to get your issues cleared up as quickly as possible. We will get your concerns addressed as soon
as we are in the area. Please note that warranty issues will be resolved in a timely manner, but final
payment is still due.

What you can do to make the installation process go smoothly:
Water can be a huge problem during installation. To prevent leaks and downtime we ask that you turn off
any sprinklers near or facing the jobsite. This one detail can make a huge difference in curing sealants and
preventing avoidable leaks. Check your irrigation. Sprinklers spraying directly at the bottom of doors,
windows, and tracks can cause sealants and caulk to erode quickly. Make sure you adjust them

Some tips for aftercare of your lanai enclosure:
Check your landscaping. During heavy rains water can pool and take some time to recede, especially near
downspouts. We take pride to provide excellent service to our customers. However, if your flower beds
or landscaping is level to the ground or angled toward the lanai doors/windows, this can cause excessive
pooling and is not something we can fix.
Pressure washing is the most destructive thing that can be done to a lanai enclosure. Our warranty will
become null and void if pressure washing is done. This will deteriorate caulking and weather stripping.
Even worse, it could cause moisture in between the insulated glass panels.
Caulks and sealants will erode over time especially if water pools up against it. Improper drainage
including not having gutters, items directly up against our product like spas, and landscaping issues can
cause water to recess and dissolve sealants. We will be happy to provide great service by resealing the
area. Home maintenance including outdoor areas is not part of our warranty. Personal items like rugs,
flooring, furnishings, and décor damaged by any of the above-mentioned items, will not be covered.
Please be aware windows and doors are not waterproof, they are water resistant. Under certain
circumstances they can leak.
Care and maintenance:
Glass products can be cleaned with many different products. We do have a recommendation for a local
window cleaner. Please call us and we will be happy to refer you.
Acrylic windbreaks should never be cleaned by any scouring compounds or chemical cleaners. The use of
such chemicals can cause crazing, cracking and discoloration. Make sure the cleaner you will use is labeled
for use on acrylics. We personally recommend Dawn liquid soap. If you reside in a community that
provides power washing, please make sure they are aware of acrylic windbreaks and use the proper
cleaning solvents. Again, we cannot be responsible for damage incurred due to improper maintenance.

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